Special Offer


It's our first time doing this on such a big scale. Get the Lite membership plan absolutely free.



If you are subsfribed to the free version, simply send us a message with your username and menu link on facebook or instagram and we'll upgrade you for free to the Lite version of Spotmenu.

If you are a new user, simply s​​​​​​ubscribe for free on www.spotmenu.com , populate your menu items and prices and send us a message with your username and menu link on facebook or instagram. We'll upgrade your Spotmenu account to Lite for free.


Offer valid till end of August 2022
Accounts on free version only will get an upgrade to the Lite version. If you are on a Lite version already or a better plan the offer does not apply.
Accounts with menu items, prices and pictures in place are eligable for the free upgrade
The upgrade will last a year. After that your account will be automatically be brought down to the free plan.


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