How it works

Welcome to SpotMenu, an easy and affordable way to create and sell menu items through a custom created QR Code. With our easy to use service you can quickly update your items and prices in real-time. No more waiting or printing costs everytime you need to add an item or change prices. SpotMenu is not only ideal for restaruant and bar owners but is also a great tool for hotels and airbnbs to help them upsell services.

Here is how SpotMenu works:

Join as a estibhlishment owner (restaurant, bar, hotel, airbnb ecc):

Once you are signed up you will be able to setup your restaruant, bar, hotel or airbnb with unique details, such as;

  • Logo and images
  • Minimum amount to be spent (for online orders)
  • Average order prepare time
  • Language and currency
  • Opening / Working hours
  • Type of service provided
  • Tax and payment options
  • and much much more!

Create your menu items, together with their own variations and pricing.

Setup your tables to start accepting dine-in orders. (dine-in orders are available only with specific plans)

Customise your QR code and download the QR image to place on your design. Alternativaly you can download our ready many templates and use them to display the QR code to your customers.

Live orders:
Get notified when a new order comes in and manage all the new, accepted and done orders.
Accept or Reject orders.
Update quanaity in orders that are in already.
Print bill / invoice.

View and filter through current and old orders.
Accept or Reject orders.
Update quanaity in orders that are in already.
Print bill / invoice.

Expenses: (available only with specific plans)
Manage your expenses by adding them here. This way you can keep an eye on your financials.

Staff: (available only with specific plans)
Setup staff members to be able to view the live orders. Ideal to assign and manage customer dine-in orders through the system.

Customers log:
Keep a log of all customers dinning in or ordering online. Useful during COVID customer log legal requirments imposed in most countries.

Delivery areas: (available only with specific plans)
Setup different delivery areas and include a different price for each area.

Monitor your finances, such as income and expenses.
Connect with different payment methods provided with your plan. (available only with specific plans)

Coupons: (available only with specific plans)

Create and offer custom coupon codes to share with your clients.


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